Here’s How To Install Indoor And Outdoor Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

Installing an air conditioning cooler is not an easy task. If an error occurs, the quality of the air conditioner may deteriorate, as the quality of the cold is not durable and imperfect. Including placement of indoor air conditioning position. The position to be placed must have a distance of 15 cm from the ceiling. Meanwhile, if you can’t install your own air conditioning, you can rent a aire acondicionado pros.

The distance from the ceiling to the indoor air conditioning aims to improve air circulation. This is due to the way the indoor air conditioning works when it sucks in the air and the front. So if the top is very narrow it will of course alter the quality of the air conditioner. In addition, it should also be noted at the bottom. Do not install the air conditioner under which there is a power source.

The power source in question, for example, is a plug, a computer, and other electronic devices. Its objective is to avoid the source of electricity from water droplets if the air conditioning leak occurs.

For outdoor air conditioning in its placement should be more careful. If not considered, this will affect the durability of the air conditioner. The placement of outdoor air conditioning is good, located at least 30 cm between the indoor and outdoor connecting pipe. Engine oil is intended to return to the outside. If the placement is less than 30 cm, over time the oil will move inside.

This is related to the oil in the compressor circulating with the refrigerant. If the outdoor position is greater, within a one or two year interval, the oil is transferred to the indoor air conditioning unit. If it has moved, the heat to be absorbed is disturbed and the compressor becomes deficient in oil. If this is not considered, the air conditioning compressor will eventually be damaged.
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