How to Respond to Declining Employee Performance

The human factor in the company itself cannot be compared to the engine and software factors that are owned by the company. The treatment given must humanize every employee. Indeed, one time there will be one or two employees who experience a decrease in performance. But companies can take strategic steps to overcome this with Powerful Conversations.

Companies through the HR department, need to really monitor employee performance at all times in order to know the dynamics that occur. The goal is clear, to maintain employee performance in the best condition. If it is very good, it must be known what causes it, and if it falls under the worst conditions, it also needs to know the cause so that it can be addressed wisely.

To overcome the decline in employee performance the company can do the following steps.

Understanding the Main Problems
When a decline in performance, of course, the employee concerned is facing a problem. This causes employees to lose focus on the job so that performance decreases. As a company manager or HR staff, it’s only natural to ask directly what problems are being faced.

Reprimand sometimes does feel unpleasant. But by reprimanding the employee, there will be an awareness that the employee is doing the wrong thing. Confronting this employee personally and try not to reprimand him in front of other fellow employees so that his mind is not down or offended. With more personal communication, the HR department or manager concerned can understand the problems faced by the employee.

Facilitating Employee Criticism
The problem of performance degradation is not always sourced from employees, but it can also come from the managerial department. The inconvenience felt by employees of the policies or treatment of the managerial department can also be a cause of this decline in performance. Unfortunately, not all companies can provide a ‘container’ for criticism or input from employees to their managers.

To build a good and healthy communication climate, the company should provide facilities or space to convey criticism or input to the employer concerned. In this way, managers can also make corrections to errors that might be made and cause employees to experience performance degradation.

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