It’s About The Ideal Room Temperature

It’s important to get the temperature of the bedroom properly. Cooler room temperatures help your body maintain a consistent temperature, preventing night sweating and insomnia. But if it’s too cold, your body must expend more energy to warm you up, so you will have more difficulty falling asleep. Apart from that, if your AC is broken, we recommend you hire the best expert on ac repair Columbia SC.

Experts prefer to regulate room temperature to be cooler. Because if your room is cool, it will be easier to close your eyes and fall asleep. You can also think of the bedroom as a cave, a quiet, cool and dark place to get enough rest.

Cool temperatures also facilitate the occurrence of quality REM sleep phases so that your sleep will be more restful. If you sleep well, your body will be able to recover and repair muscles and tissues. So that it will be refreshed when you wake up later.

The recommended room temperature for sleep is 15 to 19 degrees Celsius. While the best room temperature for babies and toddlers is slightly higher, which is 18 to 21 centigrade. The recommended temperature is considered to facilitate the body’s natural cooling process.

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