Safe And Beautiful Home, Peek Into 6 Minimalist Garage Designs

Have a beautiful home from a simple minimalist garage design. What style do you like? For you painter woodstock, of course, think of how the house becomes a place where we can gather with family. Therefore, every corner and space of the house has a different function.

Like, parking a vehicle in front of a house or yard. This, of course, will disturb the public interest. Including the interests of you and your child in the playroom.

Well, so you still have enough land to park your vehicle, let’s make a simple minimalist garage.

Here is a minimalist garage design recommendation for you.

1. Car Garage on the Side of the House

First of all, this is a minimalist car garage design that is next to the house. Usually, this kind of garage model is often applied to homes that are in a complex.

Because the minimalist garage design does not have a lid. So, this garage is enough to use the walls on either side and the top.

2. Car garage in front of the house

The next minimalist garage design inspiration you can place in front of the house. This is one solution for residential owners who do not apply the fence.

Vehicles parked in front of a house can cover part of the front of the house.

3. Farmhouse Style Garage Design

Does your house have a farmhouse concept? Yes, it is certain that the car garage that you will implement is like a cattle warehouse abroad.

It has a triangular roof and the door using wood material that is deliberately made high.

4. Underground Garage

Next, design a simple car garage. So simple and minimalist, this garage is placed underground. This is a great trick to save the land.

This underground garage concept utilizes an automatic door design that will take your vehicle to the underground parking area.

However, pay attention to the budget that you have because making a garage design like this requires quite a lot of expenses.

5. Wooden Covered Garage Car Models

Wood is one material that is very suitable to be adopted by minimalist residential.

The wooden car garage door can give a very aesthetic appearance. So as not monotonous, you can combine it with white paint on the garage wall.

6. Garage with Frosted Glass

In addition to wood, a minimalist garage design you can make using transparent glass material. This glass material can be reversed on the garage door.

The resulting effect is to give the impression of relief, modern and can maximize the distribution of light. To make the glass material safer and resistant to impact, it is better to add a special glass coating.

If not, you can also choose the type of frosted or transparent glass for a minimalist garage door. This type of glass will give the impression of privacy at home.

So, which garage do you want to apply?

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