There Are Some Longboard Tricks That You Can Learn

The development of longboard sports in some countries is quite advanced, although it is only slow. The thing that proves it is that more and more communities are already present in several regions, more and more international and international longboard competitions, and more and more longboard riders who have taken part in overseas championships. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a small longboard that suits your child, then we highly recommend you to buy the best mini longboard from a trustworthy store summit board.

Over time, the sport of longboard has indeed become excellent for young people. But there are some basic tricks or skills that must be learned by a beginner before getting to know more tricks to play longboard.

Stand on the board and move with the Longboard. This trick is the most basic trick for playing longboard. If this trick has been mastered then a beginner can learn the next tricks.

Carving. This Carving trick is an activity down a hill or road with a certain angle. Usually, this trick is very suitable for longboard riders who are just learning to stand and walk using a longboard board.

Downhill. For longboard riders who want to boost their adrenaline, this Downhill trick can answer that. This downhill track is known as Speedboarding, whose activities go downhill or downhill at very high speeds. If you want to do this Downhill trick, a rider is required to master longboard skills such as air brakes, drifts, slides, and to really master when to do these tricks.

Freestyle. The trick to playing freestyle longboard requires very high creativity. To do this trick, you don’t need to go downhill, but longboard riders must be good at maneuvering and the skill and speed of the foot are also very necessary in this trick. This freestyle longboard trick is usually known as Dancing, usually, the skill in this longboard freestyle is called Boardwalking and Sliding.

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