There Are Some Tricks To Hide Bad Carpets

A room that has a bad carpet sometimes frustrates homeowners because the carpet is usually a barrier for them to have a beautiful room decoration. With a carpet that looks ugly, of course, the focus of the people inside it becomes fixed on the carpet. The solution that can be applied is to bring the carpet to the laundry to be cleaned. However, there are other ways you can do to design the room to look more beautiful even if the carpet looks bad. However, if the carpet is dirty, we recommend you hire the professional rug cleaning near me to clean your carpet flawlessly.

Here is an effective way you can do to divert attention from bad carpet to a more pleasant room decoration.

Remove the carpet from the room

The first choice you can make to design a room with a bad carpet is to take it off. You can see the current trends associated with floor decoration such as choosing a wooden floor compared to the floor covered by carpet. Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and certainly offer many types of choices.

Costs that must be incurred to install wood floors compared to carpet floors do tend to be more expensive but the results obtained will be equivalent to the cost.

Cover the carpet

If you don’t really like drastic changes such as replacing carpet floors with hardwood floors, there are other ways you can do that is by covering the bad carpet with rugs in certain areas that you want to cover. This is the fastest way to distract yourself from old carpets that look bad, especially if the old carpet has begun to thin, covering it with beautiful rugs that are thicker is the most appropriate solution.

Use furniture to cover the carpet that looks bad

You can use certain furniture such as sofas or cupboards to cover up parts of the carpet that look bad. For example in the bedroom, you can close the old carpet by adding a closet or table to put books next to the bed. If a room with a bad carpet has one of the focal points such as a TV room with a large screen TV design.

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