Tips on Keeping Wall Paints Durable

To always look beautiful, the house needs to be well cared for. Walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, everything needs to be taken care of and kept in good condition when you buy and apply it. The wall is one of the important interior parts in the house because of its large size and limited space. Paint a dull wall, wallpaper peeling, can make the look of the house unkempt. Do not worry, because will help you.

The paint color of the walls can fade in time. The trigger is due to exposure to sun, dirt, dirty hands that hold the wall, rain, and so forth. The solution is to do repainting every 6-12 months. Now there are many different kinds of paint with various advantages such as wall paint that is easy to clean with water, anti-dirt wall paint, anti-water paint, or paint that can make the color remain durable. Choose a high-quality paint and do not forget to adjust the paint color of the wall to your liking.

The first thing to do to make the paint color of the wall remains durable is to do the cleaning on the wall surface to be re-coated. This you can do by using a soft cloth that is given a little water and soap with a safe formula. If there are black spots or streaks attached to the wall, you can use a special eraser that removes stains on the wall.

Begin the cleaning step by spraying water onto the surface of the wall using a spray bottle so that the surface of the wall is not too wet. Then gently rub to remove the remaining dirt. When the surface of the wall is clean and dry, you can coat the paint to keep the color durable and paint is not easy to peel.

When you want to coat the paint surface with new paint, of course, you can not directly apply the new paint without preparing it first. Look at your old paint color and then select a color to coat the surface of the wall which of course harmonious so that the appearance does not look re-coated.

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