Torrent Sites Are Safe Media To Share Big Data Without Virus

Downloading from Torrent Sites and P2P sites can cause you a lot of grief if you end up with a nasty virus. These sites are the completely free download sites but usually they are just not worth it. Along with the chance of a virus you also need to consider the quality of the download which is not usually very good with these sites.

Torrent Site will charge you per download which although you are safe from viruses through these sites and the quality of the downloads is very good, the cost can get very expensive after a while. Although each download may not seem very expensive these small costs gradually add up and the long term cost is really quite high. With one of the Torrent Sites you wont get to enjoy your iPhone to it’s fullest capacity as the amount that you need to spend each time you download a game, movie or music track will end up quite expensive.

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