What You Need To Pay Attention To When Using Screw Ball

Ball screws are very important in a system because when it failed, the production could come to a halt Superior Ball Screw Repair. Broken ball screw could also make the production process to delay that is why you need to fix it at the ball screw repair service because replacing it will cost so much more than repairing it. Because this particular screw is constructed from a precision mechanical component, you need to pay close attention when using ball screws.

First, the part of the ball screw in circular part like the end cap, circulation tube, etc. extrudes out of the nut, so you need to make sure it does not collide or crash. The ball screw is also crushed and cooled. The rolling groove could be indented if the outside is pushed toward the edge of the screw nut or the shaft. That is why you have to be careful to not over-stress the lead nut or the screw when installing components. You should not connect the torque or radial loads to the ball screw directly. When the torque or radial load applied to the ball screw, the ball screw could not operate smoothly or greatly reduce the life span of the screw. You also not allowed to remove the nuts whenever you install a ball screw with other mechanical parts.

The torque and heat could be increased if the ball screw creates unnecessary friction resistance when the center of the nut is different from the center shaft that held at both ends of the screw. The service life of the ball screw is greatly shortened with the initial wear of the screw. Therefore, during the installation process, it is essential to correct the “one line and three points” of the ball screw. Make sure after installation to turn the screw so the nut is moved to the effective stroke so interference or any abnormalities could be checked properly.

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