You Can Do These Things If You Feel A Lack Of Creativity

Many people feel that creativity is only given to certain lucky people. When in fact, humans are born as creative people in their respective fields. But sometimes the impasse in creative thinking becomes an obstacle to completing various tasks that have been previously planned. This makes people try to find various ways to improve their creativity, and some of them even consume psilocybin capsules to boost their brainpower and creativity.

Well, how to deal with it? Just do a few simple things to awaken your creativity:

Do activities that you often think about 15 minutes a day

Feel the new experience with various thoughts that have been poured out in your notes. Short writing such as “Want to eat something spicy” can take you to the nearest Padang Restaurant from the office. Or the phrase “Today is a bit cloudy” encourages you to explore the city while photographing the sky from various places. So feel the thoughts, various strengths and weaknesses of the self are the main keys here.

Create a small project from your hobby every afternoon

Don’t even think about making a big project like a single photo exhibition for your works. Quite a small activity like uploading photos of the sky scene you like or creating a blog post about your adventure exploring the taste of spicy food around the house. This will awaken the new potential in seeing things.

Show your work and inspire others to do their dreams

Maybe while reading this article, you will be surprised because work time will definitely take up time to get creative. But do not be discouraged, just plan a small thing that can realize a thought you previously written in the notes. For example, cooking spicy food yourself can prove that you can realize your dreams as a chef before. Or targeting being able to get 150 likes from your landscape photos that have been uploaded on social media can be an unforgettable little achievement.

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